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Lovi Elf – Wooden 3D Puzzle and Postcard

Lovi Elf Wooden 3D puzzle and postcard

Meet the Lovi Elf Wooden 3D puzzle and postcard.  These charming little chaps are our new favourite characters from Finnish company, Lovi Ltd.

Not only do they look super cute sitting on a shelf, desk, or bookcase, they are a fun and original gift designed to send in the post to friends and family. And of course their festive theme make them ideal for Christmas!

Lovi Elf- Wooden 3D Puzzle and Postcard

Lovi Elf Wooden 3D puzzle and postcard

The Lovi Elf, in bright red and smart grey, sit a very cute 8cm-16cm tall.  They come as a flat-packed, 3D, puzzle made from certified birch plywood, are very easy to assemble (the pieces just slot together, no tools needed), and are enveloped-sized for easy postage (just like a postcard). A beautifully unique gift and Christmas card!

We have been huge fans of Lovi Ltd, a family-run company based in Northern Finland, for many years now. Designer Anne Paso wanted to create a Christmas Tree decoration from something other than plastic. She loved the idea of the user putting the piece together themselves, enjoying the satisfaction of the end result coming to life in their hands. And of course, the postcard-like label meant the product was ready to be sent. Genius!

It is a rare treat, in our over-whelmingly digital age, to receive a card or letter in the post (when do we, hardly ever? Even birthday cards and greetings are becoming increasingly digital), so imagine the delight for your family or friends to receive these little characters through the letterbox. Assembling them is really very easy and just as Anne Paso intended, it is completely charming to see the fun characters come to life. They quickly become treasured keepsakes around the home, to enjoy throughout the year, or perhaps to rediscover each year at Christmas.

The Lovi Elf Wooden 3D Puzzle and Postcard come in three sizes, 8cm, 12cm, and 16cm.

The Lovi Elves are just a small part of a whole world of Lovi creatures, which includes bears, dragonflies, owls, rabbits, birds, even trees.  Each character comes in a wide choice of colours which means you can colour match with your home decor! Click through here to see more of the collection.


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Leuchtturm1917 – beautiful and sophisticated notebooks and diaries

Medium diary 2018 by leuchtturm1917

The first thing that probably strikes you about Leuchtturm1917 is the name – how on earth do you pronounce it?! With such strong, visually effective, branding it was most definitely the thing that caught my eye when I discovered this sophisticated range of stationary a few years ago (and I have been using their notebooks and diaries every year since).

Medium diary 2018 by leuchtturm1917 pocket diary 2018 red hard cover by Leuchtturm1917

So to begin with, if you hadn’t guessed, it’s German; pronounced  LUOYSH – ‘loo-oy-sh’ – TORM. Simple when you know how!

The second thing that strikes you about Leuchtturm1917 is the colour!

Bright pops of solid colours (17 in total) which attract every taste, function and fashion trend. And for those who perhaps prefer a more understated or classic colour then, of course, they have that covered too. In addition to the standard range, special editions are offered frequently, which are always fun and vibrant and exclusive due to either a special cover material, colour or embossing. Right now, we’re enjoying the anniversary editions in these gorgeous metallics!

Metallic weekly planner And Notebook 2018 Copper diary 2018 weekly planner and notebook by Leuchtturm1917gold diary 2018 weekly planner and notebook by Leuchtturm1917Silver diary 2018 weekly planner and notebook by Leuchtturm1917


And then there’s the quality, which when you’re using something every single day for a whole year is crucial, right?Experience and consistency are key ingredients for quality  – some Leuchtturm1917 items, such as the springback binder, are still made in the same way as they were back in the days when the company was first set up. A family run business, founded in 1917 (reflected in the branding), it was re-established in Hamburg from 1948. During the 60’s the company was the world’s leading supplier of postage stamp and coin albums. Today, an international leader in high-quality stationery.


Believing, quite rightly, that small details make a big difference, it is the simple yet functional details that make the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks and diaries so special. Numbered pages, a table of contents and 2 bookmarks help to organise. A (secret) pocket in the back cover offers space for loose notes, papers and memories, and is a very fun discovery. There are several perforated pages at the back of every notebook – just in case you want to rip out that shopping list without making a mess of the entire book. A set of little self-adhesive labels are offered to help archive your diary or notebook when the year is done. And finally, the collection of coloured pen loops, to match your diary or notebook, ensure you never lose your favourite pen again! Super smart.


More than anything though, Leuchtturm1917 make being organised fun! Getting a new notebook or diary is a bit like getting a new handbag or purse….you choose it for functionality, colour, and perhaps sometimes to accessorize.

We LOVE Leuchtturm1917, they tick all the boxes (and more) and we cannot wait to choose next year’s diary….now, which colour?

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Discover Kinoptic by Djeco!

Kinoptic by Djeco

Discover Kinoptic by Djeco! An amazing new range of innovative and fun toys for children! Djeco uses the fabulous technique of kinoptic art, optical illusion, combined with magnetic puzzles to create amazing moving creatures! Choose from Animonsters, Robots, Vehicles or City. All the kits includes instructions and will ensure hours of construction and fun playing!

Check it out in this lovely video:

Each magnetic piece has a series of lines that will animate the subject when the plastic sheet is made to roll over it! A truly magical puzzle and a fun gift for brilliant little minds! If you are looking to buy a gift with a difference, there is no doubt that a Kinoptic kit by Djeco will be your answer. Affordable and unusual, the puzzles are suitable from 5 years and up!

So Come and discover Kinoptic by Djeco!

Andrew Hinks and Flossie from Djeco, are coming to our boutique on Saturday 15th July to demonstrate the gorgeous kits, why don’t you come and meet them if you are around? We will have lots of special offers on the day, as well as free gifts and competition!

 Andrew Hinks from Djeco with Flossie

Come and meet the people behind the brand, try products for yourself and get a free colourful  gift bag will be offered with every Djeco purchase on the day! Djeco offers a huge range of toys, crafts kits, games, puzzles and room decoration! This is your perfect chance to come and stock-up!

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So Much More Than A Bar of Soap

So much more than a bar of soap

Learn here about one of our favourite product, so much more than a bar of soap! Cadeau is always proud to work with British artist or manufacturer, and Emma’s Soap is ticking all the boxes! So much more than a bar of soap! A beautiful quality natural eco-friendly product, with beautiful ethos. We love Emma’s soaps!

Emma is a small producer of handmade soap made in South Hams, Devon, in The West Country. Emma’s story is really moving and shows determination. Her achievements are huge and really rewarding. She started mixing batches of soap in 2008, after wanting something pure and natural on hers and her daughter’s skin.

Emma only uses a blend of the purest natural oils to make her soaps. She does not use any petroleum derived foaming agents (SLS’s & SLR’s), manmade chemical base preservative (parabens), any artificial fragrances or colours. Instead she has worked really hard to create her own recipes, and her different blends of natural oils. From the purest and highest grades of raw oils, she is only using first pressing, unrefined and organic ingredients where possible and beeswax from her own hives.

Emma is also passionate about the amount of palm oil used in the cosmetic industry, especially soap, and it has taken her over 8 months to adjust and create each of her soap recipe without it.

She is also packaging her lovely bars in organic fair trade cotton, that can easily be re-used by doing bunting.

So you can see why each item is so much more than a bar of soap!

natural soaps by Emma's Soap


Choose from one of the following soap:

  • Avocado Oil: wrapped in green fabric. This highly therapeutic oil contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins A, D & E and lecithin. Very moisturising with healing properties, it helps regenerates cells.
  • Organic Cocoa Butter: wrapped in pink fabric. Pressed from the cocoa bean, the organic cocoa butter is rich in chocolatey aroma and has wonderful soothing and emollient qualities. It softens the skin and aids healing properties.
  • Rosehip Oil: wrapped in raspberry fabric. This oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, used in hospitals in Italy, has been shown to reduce scarring and induce skin healing with its rejuvenating properties. This oil is invaluable for sensitive skin.
  • Organic Shea Butter: wrapped in teal fabric. This soap is extremely moisturising, gentle thus nourishes the skin, giving it a luxurious silky feeling.
  • Jojoba Oil: wrapped in blue fabric. It helps restore elasticity, whilst nourishing and smoothing, suitable for young and sensitive skin.
  • Speciality soap: shaving bar, working hands (antibacterial with pumice) or complete bar (shampoo and soap).

The only question now is which one will you buy? Try a soap with no harsh chemicals, natural ingredients, and handmade in Britain. Once you try this wonderful product, you will not go back! Support British handmade product and help Emma prosper, she deserves it!

avocado soap by emma's soap

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Energy Of The Sea

Inis the energy of the sea

Here, at Cadeau, we are so proud to be stocking Inis, the energy of the sea! After a long week-end in Paris, and two days of walking in the amazingly huge Maison & Objets exhibition, I stumbled upon a small stand, with beautiful turquoise and sea colours… I had to stop to have a better look, and try to have a sniff. I was coming up with flu, and was feeling feverish and generally unwell, and even though my sense of smell is not particularly acute at best of times, I fell in love with that incredible pure scent.

Everything was appealing on the stand: the cologne itself is a sparkling clean, fresh, unisex scent, that really captures the coolness, clarity and purity of the sea. The name Inis which means ‘island’ in Irish. The simplicity of the packaging. The colours: white and turquoise blue. The ethos of the brand: no testing on animals and a commitment to whales and dolphins. David, one of the creator of the brand and perfume, was very nice and friendly. And so we are now very happy to be stocking this lovely product, as well as a beautiful hand cream and body lotion with the same fragrance.

Inis energy of the sea unisex

Fragrances of Ireland is a brand committed to raise awareness on environmental issues. They are proudly one of the core funder of the IWDG, the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group. Since 2001, they help this organisation in their work and research on dolphins and whales in the Irish sea and around the world, for a better understanding of these amazing sea creatures. Their work helps ensure that the seas will still be a source of delight and joy for future generations.

Dolphin photo


‘The ocean is a place of wonder and magic, its energy is the inspiration for Inis the Energy of the Sea.’

You can buy this lovely and fresh fragrance as gift for him or her! The fragrance captures the vibrant feeling of a perfect sunny day by the sea – clean and energising top notes of lemon and marine bring a fresh feeling, like sunshine on your face, heart notes of lily of the valley are like a soft summer breeze on your body, while base notes of sandalwood and clove give an earthy warmth like sand between your toes.

  • Head notes: Neroli, Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot, traces of marine notes
  • Heart notes: Geranium, Lily of the valley
  • Soul notes: Cloves, nutmeg, sandalwood, Oakmoss and musk

Inis refreshes and makes you feel close to the sea, no matter where you are!

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Starlings Murmuration on Brighton West Pier

Starlings murmuration on Brighton West Pier in front of Cad-eau

Come along to the West Pier Arches on Brighton seafront to witness the most fascinating event – thousands of starlings gathering together in huge swooping flocks, diving and swirling… a spectacular show of local wildlife!

This is the best time of the year to see the amazing starling murmuration in Brighton, and most specifically, you’ll find them around the West Pier!

Late November and early December, as soon as the sun sets, you’ll see expansive flocks of starlings, creating a swooping mass of thousands of birds swirling in the sky: a truly amazing sight!

At Cadeau, we are privileged to be so close to the West Pier and see this wild spectacle for ourselves every evening! It really is a truly beautiful show!

Why do we see a murmuration of starlings at this time of year?

There are many reasons for this amazing phenomenon, including the following:

  • Huge flocks of birds swooping together creates a protective formation, and makes it a lot harder for predators, like peregrine falcons, to target one specific bird amongst thousands.
  • They gather in big groups to generate warmth, and also to exchange information about good feeding grounds.

A murmuration of starlings is truly amazing to behold – a swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling in the sky above your head!  And we are extremely lucky to regularly witness this incredible sight!

Find out more here from The West Pier Trust and even more about starlings all around the UK on the RSPBC.

Starlings murmuration on the West Pier Brighton

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Exotic Fragrances for Home – Regency Collection

Regency Collection Candles by Parkminster

We are super excited to be stocking the new Regency collection of home fragrances by Parkminster Products! These are deliciously luxurious, and available in either candle or reed diffuser format.  We have three exquisite scents for you to choose from, including the fresh, fruity, sweet smell of Sicilian Fig; the oaky, earthy, musky scent of Embers; or our current favourite, Arabian Oud which embraces leather, balsam and wood!  Created and hand blended in small batches in our local West Sussex, these stylish home accessories will light up your life and create the perfect atmosphere.  Add a little hygge to your home!

Why do we all love the Regency Collection?

The Regency period was one of opulence, decadence, luxury and discovery!  Conjuring up images of exotic travel, these gorgeous products are packaged in a stylish matt black tube with a beautiful image of Regency Square, Brighton (which can be found just above our shop!).  We just couldn’t resist them!

The scented candles are premium soy candles, made with natural vegetable waxes, cotton core wicks and recyclable packaging. Poured into gorgeous green glass, they definitely have a vintage feel and should last for around 60 hours.

Regency Collection Candles by Parkminster

The diffusers contain a natural base with carefully selected oils and fragrances and are stylishly presented in an apothecary style, green glass bottle, with black rattan reeds!

regency collection diffusers by Parkminster

Krystyna Patey, the founder of Parkminster Products, started mixing and blending in her kitchen… and after years of melting, pouring and blending, her dream of making her own candles became a reality! Her ethical lifestyle and beliefs have contributed to the quality of these beautiful, luxurious products. Everything is made in West Sussex in a simple, traditional way, with products largely sourced in the UK. Lovely to buy products that are handmade, poured, labelled and boxed by a family run business in the UK.

We are very proud to be selling the products created by this brilliant British company, and thrilled that they chose us to sell their fragrances. We’re sure you will love them as much as we do!

They will make a superb gift for anybody, but the fragrances were chosen with men in mind and the exotic smells can be perceived as quite masculine.  So they’ll be just right for that ‘hard to buy for’ friend or loved one.  Just in time for Christmas.

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Sunshine for the Soul!

Sunshine for the soul cazador del sol suncatcher

After spending a fantastic week-end in Cologne, Germany, with some friends, we came across the Cazador Del Sol sun catchers, and fell in love! Swinging in the wind these amazing structures give a warm light! My first encounter with them was on a really dull day and they looked amazing in a garden amongst lots of greenery and tulips. They certainly brought a smile on my face!

They kind of look a bit weird when you just look at them, and not necessarily your usual idea on what to put in your garden or a pot on a balcony, but once you can visualise the impact of the colours and movements, they will bring harmony and warmth into your life.

Sunshine for the soul‘ is how the creator René Hildebrand describes them! His “Joie de vivre” has evolved with his work and through many experiments with materials, and ideas… and finally exploded with the creation of the sun catchers. After a visit to the Canary Island of Lanzarote, where he got inspired by the light and barren black volcanic landscape, René’s designs were born. The Cazador Del Sol Sun catchers were developed through passion and love of colours, and reflects his art and inspirations!

René Hildebrand has also created huge light installations around the world, with his ‘sunflowers’ type installation of sun catchers! The response from people have been amazing: the sun catchers give pleasure and create huge enthusiasm and smile! They bring positive energy and happiness to people.

Like the designer, you can show your own creativity, and experience the joy of this amazing sculpture in your life. Put one sun catcher or more in your garden, a balcony, a window box… We are now very happy to be stocking them.

The sun catchers comes in many shapes and forms. We love the combination of a tall and large orange disk with 2 smaller ones: pink and green! Equally, our mini Lucille bouquet have been extremely popular! You may also choose to hang them from a tree or a shrub, or whatever takes your fancy! Let your creativity go wild and enjoy the energy generated by the sun catchers!

The sun catcher consists of a fluorescent disk attached to a string to suspend or to a rod to swing in the wind! Watch them move with a gentle breeze. In a pond with the reflection of the water, they look stunning! The combination of the gentle motion and the warm light create a feeling of happiness and peace. The sun catchers look at their best at dusk or in a dull day, when you miss the sunshine the most! That is when their light is the most intense!

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We’re celebrating our first birthday at Cad-eau!!!

Cad-eau first birthday celebrations

I can’t believe that it ‘s been a year since we opened our lovely shop on Brighton seafront. Today is Good Friday and we will be celebrating with some bubbly and chocolates.  We’re also offering 10% off to anybody mentioning our first birthday! We are soooo excited!

All the shops at the West Pier Arches have survived a long and wet winter and are ready to wow you with their exciting and unique goodies!

West Pier Arches by Brighton Photography

Sadly, our iconic West Pier suffered another blow during one of the storms this winter, and a little bit more of its structure has disappeared, but we’re still feeling really blessed to have this stunning view all year round!

West Pier Brighton by Cad-eauonline

The i360 has now become the British Airways i360, and is being advertised worldwide. The pod and the tower are finished on site, with on going final adjustments, and soon we should see the pod going up! You should be able to board the pod for your flight BAi360 and ascend the tallest moving tower in Europe by the summer! For the latest news, join the British Airways i360 newsletter here.  A new visitor centre is also due to open in summer 2016 along with the Belle Vue restaurant, brasseries, exhibitions, kids play area…and so much more!  Check out the live Argus webcam here!

Brighton Seafront is undergoing major developments at the moment, but will carry on being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the UK! Find out more below:

Well, that’s it, a lot has happened this year, and lots more exciting things to come next year in the seaside resort of Brighton, and we shall do our best to grow and glow with it! Embracing the future with optimism, all the staff at Cad-eau would like to wish you a fantastic Easter break!

Graffiti by i 360 by Cad-eauonline

Looking forward to welcoming you soon in our amazing creative city!

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Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day?

Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day, is a celebration to honour your mum! Traditionally, children give flowers, presents and cards to their mums, and other maternal figures including grandma, stepmum and mother-in-law.

mother's-day gifts ideas

This is a truly special day when we give cards, flowers or a special gift to our mum, to show our love and appreciation!

Mother’s day is celebrated worldwide by many different cultures and has a complex history:

  • It dates back to the ancient, annual spring festival that the Greeks dedicated to maternal goddesses. The Greeks used the occasion to honor Rhea, wife of Cronus and the mother of many deities of Greek mythology.

  • Ancient Romans, too, celebrated a spring festival, called Hilaria dedicated to Cybele, a mother goddess. 

  • In the 16th century, religious people celebrated Mothering Sunday on Laetare Sunday, the 4th Sunday of Lent. This was a day where people went to their Mother Church and many people were given the day to spend time with their mother and family.

  • In 1872 in the United States, Julia Ward Howe first suggested a day to celebrate Mothers. A keen activist, she voiced her views in the famous “Mother’s Day Proclamation”. She tirelessly championed the cause for a National Peace Holiday Day in celebration of Mothers in June.
  • Anna Jarvis, an activist and social worker, is the one who really devoted her life to honour a day of celebration for all mothers, based on the love shared by her own. She achieved this as nowadays, Mother’s day is celebrated in 46 countries. However, she resented the commercial side given to the day.

In the UK, Mother’s Day falls three weeks before Easter, and this year it’s early – Sunday 6th March!  In France, la Fête des Mères always falls on the last weekend in May, so this year it will be Sunday, 29th May.

We have a fantastic selection of gifts for mum, so take a look and spread the love:  luxury range of skin care and massage candles, beautiful range of vases, and single stem ceramics, jewellery, and much more…

Wishing all mums in the world a safe and special day!