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Brighton & Hove Tray

Brighton And Hove tray

Our new Brighton & Hove tray has arrived! Titled, ‘BETWEEN DOWNS AND SEA WE FLOURISH’, it captures the spirit of the city and its most loved landmarks and places of interest.


Brighton and Hove Tray Brighton And Hove tray

Brighton & Hove Tray

The Brighton & Hove tray is a collaboration between internationally acclaimed Swedish designer Maria Holmer Dahlgren and Anne Sawicki, owner of Cad-Eau. The design is a culmination of multi-backgrounds, a passion for colours, fun, happiness, and a journey through Brighton & Hove. Maria has brilliantly captured our wonderfully diverse city and we are delighted with the design.

Maria and Anne met in Stockholm a year ago at trade show, Formex.  Forming an instant connection and love for her work, the use of bright colourful and fantastic fonts, Anne suggested a meeting.  In the summer on Brighton beach, whilst drinking bubbly in the sunshine, the idea of the design was born. And the result…. our tray!

Our Brighton & Hove Tray will make a fantastic souvenir for tourists and visitors and also a great gift for residents! Completely original, it is designed very much for functional use (it is dishwasher proof) as well as for display or ‘Kitchen Art’.

Maria Holmer Dahlgren’s design is already recognised around the world, through the stationary company Ordning&Reda for which she was designer and co-founder. Another internationally known achievement is her graphic design for the stylish hotel ”Rival” in Stockholm, owned by ABBA’s Benny Andersson.

KITCHEN ART is a big part of Maria’s acclaimed work. Trays and kitchen towels are perfect frames for everyday art that bring a little joy to life, without asking for much attention. Maria´s work is based on the same philosophy… there’s beautiful art all around us, if we just open our eyes to it. For more information on Maria visit her website here 

To purchase your Brighton & Hove Tray simply click through here, or of course pop down to see us at our seafront store!

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