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Djeco mini stickers are the cutest stickers you’ll ever see! Choose from a plain, glitter or puffy sticker, or build your collection!

We love what you can do and decorate with the Djeco mini stickers!

The stickers have a lovely glitter or metal finish or a cushioned texture and come in all sorts of amazing designs:

– Japanese Designs DJ09760 with glitter
– Indian Designs DJ09761 with glitter
– Under the sea DJ09762 with glitter
– Little Flowers DJ09763 with glitter
– Western Style DJ09766 with metallic effect
– Pop & Rock DJ09767 with metallic effect
– Hawaiin Designs DJ09769 puffy stickers
– Sweets DJ09772 puffy stickers
– Birthday DJ09773 puffy stickers
– Coloured Letters DJ09774 puffy stickers
– Weather DJ09770
– Cats DJ09775 glitter stickers
– Birds DJ09776 with metallic effects
– Symbols DJ09777 puffy stickers
– Vintage Animals DJ09778 puffy stickers
– Fashion DJ09779 puffy stickers
– Tropical Flowers DJ09780 glitter stickers
– Portraits DJ09781 glitter stickers
– Chimera DJ09782 glitter stickers
– Fairies DJ09783 glitter stickers

Size Packaging: 9 x 11 cm

Age 3+

The mini stickers from Djeco are a nice affordable little surprise or treat!


Birthday, Coloured Letters, Feathers and Pecocks, Hawaiin Designs, Indian Designs, Japanese Designs, Kawai, Little Flowers, Pop and Rock, Sweets, Under The Sea, Western Style, Weather, Cats, Birds, Symbols, Vintage Animals, Fashion, Tropical Flowers, Portraits, Chimera, Fairies


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