Fifty Things That Changed The World

Fifty Things That Changed The World


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Fifty things that changed the world is a collection of books about great designs! Choose from 50 cars, 50 bicycles or 50 modern buildings that changed the world. The books are a collection by the Design Museum.

Fifty things that changed the world books are a perfect gift for little friends or family, or the difficult one to buy for.

  • Modern Buildings: The history of modern architecture is as diverse as it is beautiful, varying wildly from region to region and era to era. The Design Museum explores 50 of the most significant and striking buildings in the world: from the modernist aesthetic of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye to the eye catching flair of Beijing’s CCTV headquarters.
  • Bicycles: The bicycle is the world ‘s most popular way of transport, and its design has evolved over the decades both in style and technology. From high performance cycles to practical run-arounds, conceptual bikes to commercial models, the Design Museum, explores the fifty most innovative and influential bicycles in the world.
  • Cars: The book explores the role that design has played in the history of the automobile, listing the top 50 acrsthat have made a substantial impact in the world of design today. From the 1998 smart car, via ed-blooded racers and fanciful concept designs, each entry is an iconic inventive step to the evolution of the car itself.
  • Mens Fashion Icons: Painfully chic and instantly recognisable, the fifty men in this collection have used fashion to express themselves, attractattention and make beautiful statements. Fom Fred Astaireto Prince, Marlon Brando to Bob Dylan, the Design Museum explores the groundbreaking looks and stories of actors, musicians, politicians, designers and more.

Cars, Bicycles, Modern Buildings, Mens Fashion Icons


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