Moustache Wax


Style your moustache in style, and with our naked moustache wax!

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The moustache wax from our local supplier Eastwing Grooming co is completely naked, meaning 100% natural! Eastwing managed to eradicate any petroleum based products by replacing it with a less known natural one: Olus oil.

The moustache wax is a great item for any man with pride and style! And our natural naked one is a must have!

Olus Oil is a natural blend of vegetable origin according to a patented formulation to achieve its specific characteristics. It has similar properties to conventional petroleum and so aids spreadability yet is completely natural with rich and moisturising effects.

The firming qualities of beeswax balanced with the softening properties of Shea Butter and Vitamin E ensure the Naked Moustache Wax is easily applied, yet quickly hardens to give you a firm and lasting hold. It is virtually odourless thereby giving you the option to add your favourite oil aroma of choice or to just go naked.

Tin contains 30 ml


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