Starlings Murmuration on Brighton West Pier
Starlings Murmuration on Brighton West Pier
Starlings murmuration on Brighton West Pier in front of Cad-eau

Starlings Murmuration on Brighton West Pier

Come along to the West Pier Arches on Brighton seafront to witness the most fascinating event – thousands of starlings gathering together in huge swooping flocks, diving and swirling… a spectacular show of local wildlife!

This is the best time of the year to see the amazing starling murmuration in Brighton, and most specifically, you’ll find them around the West Pier!

Late November and early December, as soon as the sun sets, you’ll see expansive flocks of starlings, creating a swooping mass of thousands of birds swirling in the sky: a truly amazing sight!

At Cadeau, we are privileged to be so close to the West Pier and see this wild spectacle for ourselves every evening! It really is a truly beautiful show!

Why do we see a murmuration of starlings at this time of year?

There are many reasons for this amazing phenomenon, including the following:

  • Huge flocks of birds swooping together creates a protective formation, and makes it a lot harder for predators, like peregrine falcons, to target one specific bird amongst thousands.
  • They gather in big groups to generate warmth, and also to exchange information about good feeding grounds.

A murmuration of starlings is truly amazing to behold – a swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling in the sky above your head!  And we are extremely lucky to regularly witness this incredible sight!

Find out more here from The West Pier Trust and even more about starlings all around the UK on the RSPBC.

Starlings murmuration on the West Pier Brighton

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